Bid farewell to manual accounting processes

Bring your bank’s treasury services into your ERP or accounting software to
automate your reconciliation and payable flows

Customized Banking

Easily connect your accounting to your bank and start saving time and money

Fully Centralized

Integrate your bank into your ERP system or accounting in under 30 minutes.

Easy and secure

Manage payment information within your system of record

Increase efficiency

Gain visibility on your cash position and reconcile faster

For financial institutions

Fundital helps innovative banks to get closer to their clients by embedding their services where they need it the most: at the heart of their operations.

ERP Integration

Efficiently integrate your bank into your ERP or accounting system within 30 minutes, eliminating the need for application switching.

Increase Revenue

Empower banks to compete with Fintechs in the ERP sector by enabling payment rails within clients' operations.

Push trusted data

Get rid of screen scraping solutions and take control of your bank data feeds. Pushe your data, sourced via API integration with your bank.

Give Better Offers

Integrating deeper and improving client satisfaction increases the likelihood of building a long-term relationship.

For Businesses

Manage all your business banking in one place and streamline all your treasury process flow.

Reconcile faster

Balance your books easier with data you can trust.

Extensive payment

Pay your bills and employee expenses using a variety of payment options.

Visibility and control

Follow all your payments at a glance and track real-time status without logging into your bank portal.

Reduce encoding errors

Two-way connectivity between your bank and your ERP reduces error-prone manual entry